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  • Payment Options Accepted
    BDO GCash MAYA
  • Mode of Delivery
    Gogo Xpress J&T (option if area is not covered by Gogo Xpress) Same ay Delivery (at buyer's expense)
  • Shipping
    We are shipping from North Fairview, Quezon City. Please check on Goodle Maps for your reference for Same Day Delivery/Pick-Up. Please note that we don't have a physical store at the moment and we only cater to online transactions. We only ship every Thursday-Sunday Same day delivery schedule every Tuesday & Sunday only (might change, depends on our availability) Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is 2-3 months for Korea, Japan & Taiwan orders, 3-4 months for USA orders. This still depends on the release date of the item/s. Please wait patiently and check the Masterlist for updates of your order/s.
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