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Shipping & Returns

Delivery Policy


1. All items will be packed properly (with bubble wrap and cardboard *if needed*)

2. We will deliver your goods as near as possible to the date and time set out. Delays in deliveries may occur due to circumstances beyond our control.

3. The outbox is used to protect the actual product. Please note that we do not offer exchange or refund due to damages that may occur during the delivery.

4. We won’t be held responsible for any lost or damaged items caused by the courier. Refunds are only given 24hrs after the received date and would require unboxing video for any lacking or wrong delivered items.

5. Tracking numbers will be provided. It is the buyer's responsibility to track his/her package after 24hrs.

6. Should you experience problems with your delivery, please contact us immediately. COURIER: Gogo Express

Return & Exchange Policy


Items are sourced from official retail channels from the respective manufacturers. Warranty is as provided by the manufacturer, however, buyer would need to ship the product back to Korea for any repairs.

Some countries may have import taxes and they are the customer's responsibility to pay for these taxes (if any). If you have received a wrong or lack of item, kindly inform us immediately with video as a proof (within 24 hrs upon receiving the package).

Note: This goes only for orders where we have sent you the wrong or incomplete items. We do not refund or change orders when the customer himself/herself has ordered a wrong product.



Customer should settle their balance/s within 7 days or 1 week to avoid holding up their goods for too long.

Unclaimed merchandise will be made available and/or posted as onhand item/s and no refund shall be given to the initial customer.

The customer will also lose the right to request for the shipment of their order/s. Failure to pick-up your item/s within the allotted 14 days and/or 2 weeks will result in your goods being forfeited and will be posted as onhand.

If the buyer is minor, please inform your guardian.


Last update: April 9, 2022

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